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Vector vs Raster?

What is the big deal with Vector files and Raster files when it comes to printing or making a sign or banner?  

 Well we have all heard the old saying “Garbage In = Garbage Out”, that simply means that if your original file is a Raster format, like a jpg, tiff, png, bmp, gif, or similar and the overall size of your file is lets say one inch by one inch and you want to make a 4 foot by 8 foot sign, you can guarantee that by the time your logo file is enlarged from its original size it will be garbage and very pixelated.  

 On the other hand, if your original file is a “Vector” format which is a scalable file and regardless if the original is one inch by one inch, it will enlarge crisp and clean in perfect quality with no pixelation.

Examples of programs that create “Vector” files would be Adobe Illustrator,

Corel Draw or InkScape (see link below to download for Free).  Raster programs would be Adobe Photoshop, Windows Publisher or Paint, and other various low end greeting card making software.

Econo Sign can print from just about any type of file, however some files are better than others.  We prefer vector files, but some high resolution bitmaps at 300dpi are acceptable.  Confused about the difference between vector and bitmap?  Click the logo from our other web site the, these logos to the right are a large graphical comparison between several types of decals.  The three colored decals above are the same as the three non-colored decals below but only the bottom decals are shown in wireframe that allows you to view vector vs bitmap.  The top logo is completely vector, which allows perfect resolution and can be scaled to any size with perfect crisp edges and no “jaggys” .  The middle decal has some bitmap elements and some vector, while the vector will remain clear the other bitmap elements will be “jaggy” especially when enlarged.  The bottom decal is completely bitmap and may be “jaggy” especially when enlarged.  

Click on image above for large view of Vector vs Bitmap comparison.

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Introduction to Course

Overview of Topics
Getting Inkscape
Installing Inkscape

About Inkscape

What is Inkscape?
History of Inkscape
What is SVG? pt. 1
What is SVG? pt. 2
Uses of Inkscape

This VTC course provides an overview of the most robust and powerful open-source vector illustration program available: Inkscape.

Inkscape is the defacto vector editing program for most GNU/Linux operating systems and is available for Windows and Mac based systems.

In this video training course, you will learn everything you need to know about getting started with Inkscape. This course presents a project-based approach to exploring the Inkscape toolset (ranging from how to construct simple diagrams to more complex traditional advertisements) that will help you learn all about Inkscape.

Let James Street be your guide as you learn to harness the power of Inkscape! Work Files are included. To begin learning Inkscape today, simply click on one of the movie links.

Interface Overview

Menu Bar pt. 1
Menu Bar pt. 2
Menu Bar pt. 3
Command Bar
Snap Controls
Toolbox pt. 1
Toolbox pt. 2
Toolbox pt. 3
Toolbox pt. 4
Basic Preferences

Learn Online how to use InkScape.  We Highly Recommend VTC’s Online Tutorials.